We are helping to minimise the spread of the coronavirus.

Uppdaterad: 30 dec 2020

Together with 1177 and KAPI Marketing

Since the global outbreak of Covid19 we have joined the 1177 projects for healthy Sweden. This we do together with our business partner KAPI Marketing. Together, we make information available regardless of the target group's language, culture, education or other prior knowledge. We have spread information throughout Stockholm and Sweden online and on the field to majority and minority groups. Our main target group is consisting of those who do not speak swedish fluently, making sure that everybody stays well informed and healthy.

The vital information has been made available by KAPI Marketing together with 1177 and been translated into 37 languages. What an amazing job we think!

You can read all of the above information in all the languages here.

It can be seen in the marketing campaigns online on Facebook and Instagram among the other 1177 campaigns.

The 1177 Covid 19 campaign started of on the ground with communicators such as ours at Maja´s Projects and others. We have been contacting vital organizations such as among asylum houses, dentists, doctors, pharmacies, grocery and other stores, libraries, restaurants, bigger businesses and local business owners among others. The local business owners are often vital to the communities having central network positions often serving as information providers/spreaders. By teaching them and giving them brochures and posters in various languages to hang up about Covit-19 they further on educated people in local minority communities. People who we may not have reached otherwise. Also by targeting specific stores such as polish, russian, indian, african and other multicultural stores we ensured reaching many minority groups.

Sweden has now made it possible for everybody to get Covid-19 tested, to see if one is sick or has antibodies. It may be at times a long wait but our health is all we got.

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