We spread socially important information about Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccination!

Uppdaterad: apr 7

On behalf of the Stockholm Region and KAPI, we disseminate useful information about Coivid-19 and Covid-19 vaccination in many different languages ​​(English, Polish, Arabic, Somali, etc.). We spread information on FB, in public meeting places with the help of flyers and posters 🌸, to important non-profit organizations and companies (pharmacies, dental clinics, Citizens' Offices, Folkets hus, asylum clinics, libraries and many more.

In Sweden vaccinations are not compolsory so everybody can make a choice whether to vaccinate or not. It is therefore crutial to make ones own gudgeent on the subject by evaluating various sources.

While moderating posts on FB in various groups I have encountered both haters and lovers of the vaccination. Both sites have strong reasons for believing in their cause and it seems as if a strong division has come to place. Sometimes it is because of scientific- religious- beliefs, or maybe lack of knowledge. The goal of many governments in a long run is to vaccinate as many people as possible, even the ones who already have had Covid-19. To some it may feel as a massive privacy invasion while to others a necessity to get rid of Covid-19.

Below I have attacked links to more information on the topic from the