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Feel free to contact us via the form below:

  • upon inquiries

  • to order one of our website packages, service packages or additional services

You will receive an order confirmation sent to your e-mail.

We also contact you by phone.

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Terms of Use / Terms of Collaboration

In our collaborations with clients, we carefully adhere to our general "Terms of Use," "Collaboration Terms," and "Privacy Policy" to ensure a smooth and secure working relationship. In cases where exceptions occur, these will be detailed on the first invoice.


New project orders at Maja's Projects are made through our order form above. The customer may be asked to complete the order form during the initial meeting (via phone or in person) to ensure that we have all the necessary information about the company for documentation purposes. After the order is placed, we send an invoice to the customer. The customer approves the order by paying the deposit fee within the specified time frame. If it's an existing customer with proven strong credit, we may in some cases in agreement with the customer, execute smaller orders before sending an invoice to be paid within 1-14 days. When ordering print we often request the whole amount to be paid upfront to a third-hand partner before placing an order to them. 

New orders from existing customers are made through the order form (not via email, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, or spontaneous phone meetings). Customers also have the option to order a service via scheduled meetings through our online booking service. These meetings are billed in advance through the booking calendar and a payment system. If the final order amount exceeds the charged meeting fee, an invoice for the remaining amount is sent to the customer.



Unless otherwise agreed, most meetings take place over the phone and can be easily scheduled through our online booking service. You also have the option to schedule in-person meetings, FaceTime, or Skype meetings. In that case please send a separate request via the e-mail provided while booking. Our booking service is available on our website: Link to the booking service.

Meeting costs are billed in advance, with exceptions for the "Free 20-Minute Consultation Meeting," which can be used once, and "Ongoing Project Meetings." "Ongoing Project Meetings" can be scheduled by customers who have these meetings included in their individual packages or after obtaining approval for billing these meetings (with a 14-day payment term).

Communication through email, Messenger, and similar platforms may be considered as meetings, depending on the nature of the conversation, and the time spent will be reflected in the billing. We therefore strongly advise our customers to send us the information, pictures, etc. necessary after revision. That way more time can be spent on constructive work. 


Most of our customers are long-term clients and benefit from our advantageous and project-specific package prices. The price for a specific project may vary depending on the project's scope, and the customer's budget influences the project's depth.

For projects billed by the hour, hourly rates may vary throughout the project, with agreed-upon prices ranging from 99 to 240 euros per hour, depending on the project's nature. Here are some examples:

  • Website creation and branding: Starting from 149 euros.

  • Edits/Changes to existing websites created by us: Starting from 99 euros.

  • Technical configurations and payment setups: 149 euros.

  • SEO services: 149 euros.

  • Coaching: Starting from 99 euros.

  • Business development: 149 euros.



Meeting costs not included in package prices are billed through our booking service. Current prices for individual meetings and training sessions are available in the Booking Calendar.

Technical Checks /SEO Checks:

Technical checks for existing long-term customers are available at a cost of 99 euros per half-year or 199 euros per year (for less complex websites) or starting from 149 euros per quarter (for more advanced websites). These checks are automatic and are aimed at customers who do not have their individual security plans. Prices for technical checks may be adjusted during the contract's duration, and we recommend that customers consider signing up for individual security plans.

Most of our customers have individual security, SEO, and maintenance packages. For the best option for you, inquire during our consultation meetings.

Maja's Projects reserves the right to adjust prices for non-ongoing fixed projects, which includes security checks and individual service orders. Current prices are available on Maja's Projects' website. Annual price changes for half-year and full-year website checks may occur. Customers with individual security / SEO- optimization plans will be notified in advance of any changes via mail. It is therefore crucial for the customer to have their contact information updated. Current prices are displayed on the website.



Current training sessions and prices are available in our booking service. Check our Booking Calendar for more information. 

Websites/Web Development/Service/Add-ons/SEO:

Websites and other graphic materials created by Maja's Projects are designed to support the customer's marketing efforts. Websites are built based on the selected website package or individual packages with specific content. This content can expand as needed, as the company grows and more services can be ordered. Most services are ordered through our submission form. Once the website is complete, it is regularly maintained and updated by Maja's Projects in accordance with the selected service package (quarterly, monthly, or annual payment). If no specific service has been chosen, Maja's Projects performs regular security checks of the website once every six months or once a year, depending on the website's nature. Smaller adjustments to the layout, function of Apps, SEO- optimization, are included in the price of the Check Up. If the actions required exceed 199 euros, the customer will be informed. For less complex websites that do not require monthly maintenance, customers are billed regularly, either once every six months for 99 euros or once a year for 199 euros (for less complex websites) or starting from 149 euros per quarter for more advanced websites. Customers can also order security checks and continuous SEO optimization as needed.

E-services, stores, and blog sections on the website are maintained by the customer if agreed upon. Prices for these services are determined individually by Maja's Projects.

For services aimed at improving existing websites (SEO, rebranding, text editing, design changes, layout, copywriting, etc.), work is done in consultation with the customer according to their needs. At the outset, we apply a deposit based on the estimated workload for the first month of the collaboration, typically amounting to 50% of the total cost. We offer fixed package prices or hourly billing.


Right of use of web pages:

Collaborating partners have the right to use web pages created by Maja´s Projects as  can be used by the customer for marketing purposes indefinitely as long as the customer pays the fee for web hosting, domain and service.

After the website is online, the customer has one week to submit any changes within the predetermined content, the package offer. The work is then performed at no extra cost to the customer.

The customer has the opportunity to make changes to the website's platform, the website's content etc. after completing the training.  

There is always an additional cost for web hosting and domain. These subscription costs or subscriptions are paid for and covered through Maja´s Projects or directly by the customer. This is determined in connection with the customer at the time of subscription according to individual agreement. The customer has  possibility (if this option is chosen) to self-manage financial events, subscriptions, payments, and subscriptions linked to the website on via a separate account (with their own password). If a mutual agreement has been reached where Maja´s Projects is responsible for these subscriptions/subscriptions, invoices for these services will be sent to the customer via Maja´s Projects.  An invoice for web hosting and domain for the next 1 year period is sent approx. 1-1.5 months before the start of the period. The amount varies depending on the selected website package, selected Premium subscription, selected additional services and its costs (apps) if a discount is applied at the time of subscription, etc. how heavy the content of the page is and the domain provider, the domain type:

- a regular page, company page (approx. 190- EUR / year)

- E-commerce (approx. 250-350 EUR / year).

The customer also has the opportunity to choose a monthly or quarterly price for these services. Then the customer does not receive the quantity discount.  

If the amount for the web hotel and the domain will not reach us before the due date, if the customer has not contacted and for an agreement, notified us of a change of card for payment or lack of coverage on the card, the website will be temporarily suspended and its subscription. The website will be reopened when the amount is available to us. We then charge a delay fee and a service fee corresponding to  500 Euro. It takes time to get the website up and running and its technical features, Google lists it again, etc. It can take up to a week to place a web page online again, depending on the workload of Maja´s Projects and the domain provider.

Maja´s projects reserve the right to start the process of restoring the website within two weeks as this has come to the attention of Maja´s Projects.  

The customer has the right to use the website during the contract period provided that it pays for the website's maintenance, services necessary to have the website online, and costs for the selected individual website package by Maja´s Projects. In individual cases where an individual installment plan has been drawn up, the customer is obliged to follow the installment plan and to pay fees at the rate determined. Otherwise, it is considered a breach of contract and then the customer loses the right to use. The same applies to graphic content in print and online. The customer loses the right to distribute the material (the website or material in print, graphic material online, or in print) in physical form, virtually, or in another form that is considered for marketing purposes.

Maja´s Project reserves the right to take the website offline and exclude the customer from access to the website and its control center until the full amount has been paid in or a new installment plan is maintained. The dog is then responsible for costs in connection with the new launch of the website online.

Maja´s Projects is not responsible for the financial transactions of customers who pay directly to third-party suppliers via the platforms that customers use to enable third-party services. Likewise, Maja´s Projects is not held responsible for actively reminding customers of e.g. renewal of payment methods (if there is no available amount on the card or the business owner changed the debit card). In cases where it is time for security checks of, for example, a website, and when it comes to Maja´s Projec's knowledge measures should be taken to ensure that the subscription, and the domain linked to the website do not expire, the customer will be informed. If the customer needs help configuring the payment systems, the customer will be charged for this depending on the applied working time (for at least 20 minutes.) If it comes to Maja´s Projects' knowledge that an invoice for third-party services has fallen due and the customer has not changed the payment method. from the account, Maja´s Projects will send a reminder of this to the customer. The customer can request instructions in photo form helpful for the configuration. If the customer can also choose an individual meeting that is booked via the booking calendar. This falls within the scope of a 20-minute meeting and is then charged.  


* The service packages are valid for 24 months with the possibility of upgrading during the binding period or downgrading after 12 months.  If you have chosen to invoice, a new invoice will be sent for a new period, unless the subscription has been canceled in writing 2 months before the period ends.  

Package offers with website

In cases where the customer has received a package offer with a discounted package price at a reduced price, the binding period of two years applies to the cooperation and maintenance of the website according to the selected service package or if no selected half-yearly checks / routine checks. Thereafter, the contract is extended for one year with a two-month notice period. If the customer/partner chooses to terminate the collaboration earlier due to changed circumstances, this can be done by written notice two months before the desired notice date, and payment in Maja´s Projects account of an amount corresponding to all discounts received (shown on invoices), any remaining invoice amounts and amounts corresponding to the service fee that would have been implemented the following year


 Additional services for the maintenance of the website can be ordered for individual needs. Current prices for additional services then apply.

* All prices are stated excluding VAT / VAT and in Euro.



When photographing, the photographer reserves intellectual property rights. The customer can use the photos, and the finished ads for two years for marketing purposes worldwide for two years. The period can be extended by mutual agreement.  


When invoicing

* We apply a deposit of 50% of the total amount. The deposit must be received by us before we start the work, however, no later than the specified date on the invoice. Before we start the work, all necessary material must be available to us, such as text, pictures, www. social media addresses (for linking), and login information for linking to Instagram (for image galleries). We schedule our start-up meeting and reserve working hours for the execution of the project. It is important that all necessary material arrives on time, and that the customer is well prepared for each meeting. This is so that the work with the website will run smoothly, with good planning and fast delivery. Otherwise, the project timeline risks shifting. Together, we will create a time frame for the implementation of the work and thus a deadline for when the material will be available to us. The meetings are reserved by the customer via the booking calendar on Maja´s Projects' website.  

In case of delays in received material, or missed meetings, an external payment for the reserved time can be applied.  

NOTE: There is an additional service charge of  100 Euro for invoicing (Not for direct purchases via our store )



If the client chooses to pay the invoice via a redit card an agreement with the clients bank bay be made.

In individual cases, we offer a two-month installment on orders that exceed  2900 Euro and a three-month installment on packages that exceed  6000 Euro. An administrative fee of 19 Euro is added per month.

In the event of an unapproved late payment, a delay and administrative fee of 50 Euro will be added.

It is important that the customer adheres to the given time frames for payment when paying package packages in installments. In cases where the customer fails to make his monthly payments, Maja´s Projects has, after reminders, the right to terminate the contract and to take the website offline. The website can be republished for a restoration fee of SEK 2,500 and the amounts due to us. Otherwise, the customer will be charged for the remaining amount, all bonuses received, discounts, and amounts corresponding to the service fee that would have been implemented next year in a final invoice whereby the contract is terminated. Legal action can be taken.  

Etiquette and common sense

It is important for us to maintain a good dialogue with the customer, and that the set time frames and meeting times are kept.

In case of missed scheduled meetings, or large delays that have not been canceled 24 hours before or rebooked according to the agreement, we charge an hourly rate corresponding to 99 Euro.  

We do not tolerate violence either in language or physically. Mutual cooperation is therefore characterized by respect for each other and a good tone. In other cases, reserves  Maja´s Projects the right to terminate the contract. Costs for redirection of services and the remaining contract period will be added.


Force majeure / subcontractors / third parties


Maja´s Projects is not responsible for direct or indirect losses due to third parties or as a result of obstacles or delays on the part of the customer and in the event of Force majeure. By accepting the offer or paying the deposit, the customer approves the Framework Agreement. We apply a late fee of  50 Euro that will be added in case of late payment (dispatch takes place automatically). If you have any questions, please contact us well in advance of the due date.


Maja´s Projects is not held responsible for e.g. technical errors, delays of third-party web-hosting providers, domains or applications, financial integration partners, and its services or subcontractors. In its services, Maja´s Projects offers help in correcting any technical errors, getting in touch with the third-party supplier and its customer service, etc. Hourly fees are charged in such cases.

In cases where Maja´s Projects acts as an intermediary between the customer and the subcontractor, subcontractors are solely responsible for providing the service they have offered and provided to the customer. Likewise is the subcontractor solely responsible for the collection of payments by customers in disputes.



Maja´s Projects reserves the right, for example, to use web pages, graphic material etc. produced for the customers' marketing purposes, in part or in full for their own marketing purposes. This is to demonstrate the existence of previous projects and their nature. This means cost-free marketing for the customer that Maja´s Projects will not charge for.  

For marketing campaigns/materials for the customers' own purpose, please contact us for an individual marketing campaign or graphic  media / print content.


In the event of a collaboration and approval of Maja´s Projects 'Terms of Cooperation, mutual security applies, regarding sensitive information concerning the companies' operations. Confidential information refers to any information of a technical, commercial or other nature that is not otherwise known to the public or comes to the public's attention in any other way by breach of this agreement. This applies regardless of whether the information in question has been documented. The parties undertake not to disclose confidential information to other third parties that are not included in the agreement, feelings are purchased in the framework of the cooperation, subscriptions from (eg hosting, domain purchases from partners). 

Confidential information includes all information that is considered harmful to business operations, such as.  incurs the company's revenues, through false slander damages the company's reputation, etc.,  if this is handed over unauthorized by crime. In the event of a breach of this agreement, legal action will be taken.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains information about how we handle your personal information. We encourage you to read our privacy policy carefully before agreeing to our processing of your personal information.


  1. Key concepts

Personal information is information that individually or together with other information can be used to identify, locate or contact an individual. Examples of personal information are name, telephone number and IP address. Processing of personal data involves all types of handling of personal data, for example: collection, registration, analysis, and storage.

The person responsible for personal data is the person who determines the purpose of processing personal data and who decides which personal data is requested. It is the person responsible for personal data who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with current personal data legislation.

2. Who is responsible for personal data

Maja´s projects is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

3. What types of information do we collect?

When you contact us, register via a form, sign an agreement with us, you provide information. We may request the following personal information:

  • Company name

  • Organization no.

  • Postal address

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • VAT registration number

  • Your position at the company

  • Other information such as free text questions or form answers

  • Technical data: the URL through which you access our web pages, your IP address and user behavior, type of browser, language and identification information and operating system.

4. Information from other sources

When you agree that we process your personal data, you also agree that we may register other information about you that you have provided to us previously in other contexts. Based on publicly available information, we may also supplement your registered information with industry, additional contact information.

5. How we use the information

The information you provide is used for the following purposes:

  • Establishment of an agreement between us

  • Invoicing for services rendered

  • Customer care and information efforts about our offers

  • Login to the customer's web hosting account to be able to perform agreed tasks

  • Login to the website to be able to perform maintenance or SEO actions

  • To give you a more personal experience and deliver product offers and other content that you may be interested in


We ask for your contact information to:

  • Respond to inquiries and job applications

  • Add yourself to mailing lists for news and other content you have chosen to take part in

  • Send requested material, or otherwise fulfill what we have undertaken in exchange for you submitting your information

  • Establish and maintain a dialogue

  • Send information that may be of interest to you

6. Consent to e-mailing, direct marketing and continued contact

When you agree that we process your personal data in accordance with the purposes stated above, you agree to:

  • We process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy

  • We can send you direct marketing via e-mail about our services

  • We may contact you by e-mail or telephone

  • Subscribe to the type of e-mail you have chosen to accept. You can update your subscription settings and say no to further mailings by following the link you find at the bottom of all our mailings, or by contacting us directly.


7. How long is the data stored?

We only process personal data for such a long time that we can fulfill the purpose for their collection and another 1 (ONE) year, after which we delete the data.

8. Who can take part in the information?

Information provided will be available to a limited number of people within the company.


9. We share certain information in the framework of cooperation with third parties

We do not sell your personal information to third parties. Only in cases where we may need the help of a third party, our sub-consultant to carry out the agreed assignment according to agreement,
we may share information about you in the form of:

  • Business

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • If necessary - login information to web host or website .

10. How do we protect your information?

Your personal information is stored behind secure networks and is available to only a limited number of people within the company who have special rights to these systems. These persons are obliged to keep the information confidential. All sensitive information that you enter is encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer technology). The information is handled within the framework of the Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. All information is covered by confidentiality agreements and our staff has access to only the systems and functions that their duties require.

11. You have the right to know what information we have about you

According to the Data Protection Act, you have the right to receive information about what information we have about you in the form of a register extract. You can also request that we correct incorrect information or delete information about you. You also have the right to withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, we will delete the information we have about you. Deletion of your personal data with us may, however, affect the delivery of information within the framework of a customer relationship, as well as possibly affect ongoing dialogues.

Do you want to withdraw your consent, or request an extract from the register, correction or deletion by written contact via our e-mail address. To view your register extract, you need to send an electronic copy of a signed document with your request.

12. Contact information for Maja´s Projects

Maja´s Projects is responsible for the processing of your personal data. If you have questions about our treatment or wish to get in touch with us to exercise your rights, you will find our contact information below:

Maja´s Projects

Maja Elfström
Lillåvägen 43, 128 45 Bagarmossen

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