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"Our digital agency not only creates websites :-) but also keeps us healthy".


Maja´s Projects is part of the DuoLife network. Our motto is to improve the standard of living and style of people around the world. The network includes private individuals, companies (BMW, Jaguar, and others), coaches, researchers, doctors, biologists.


The Personal Excellence Network, a fantastic project created to save people's health and lives. WORLD HEALTHY LIVING FOUNDATION and the Scientific Council are responsible for the quality and efficiency of DuoLife's products, which are 100% natural supplements, health and beauty products.






Our Vision



From Poland to the world DuoLife is a guarantee of quality. Our vision from the beginning was to enter international markets. Today, DuoLife club members have already worked in 30 countries around the world.




Main Objectives


  • Promoting an active lifestyle, including 55+ people. 

  • Promotion of family healthy behavior. 

  • Creating the conditions for the comprehensive development of people. 

  • Helping young people strive for an adult and healthy life so that in the future they can pass the foundation's ideas to future generations. 

  • Convincing citizens to take care of physical and mental health Improve the quality of health, social and economic life.

  • Strengthening the belief in our quality of life depends on ourselves.

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