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Privacy Policy / Security Policy

This privacy policy contains information about how we handle your personal information. We encourage you to read our privacy policy carefully before agreeing to our processing of your personal information.


  1. Key concepts

Personal information is information that individually or together with other information can be used to identify, locate or contact an individual. Examples of personal information are name, telephone number and IP address. Processing of personal data involves all types of handling of personal data, for example: collection, registration, analysis, and storage.

The person responsible for personal data is the person who determines the purpose of processing personal data and who decides which personal data is requested. It is the person responsible for personal data who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with current personal data legislation.

2. Who is responsible for personal data

Maja´s projects is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

3. What types of information do we collect?

When you contact us, register via a form, sign an agreement with us, you provide information. We may request the following personal information:

  • Company name

  • Organization no

  • Postal address

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • VAT registration number

  • Your position at the company

  • Other information such as free text questions or form answers

  • Technical data: the URL through which you access our web pages, your IP address and user behavior, type of browser, language and identification information and operating system.

4. Information from other sources

When you agree that we process your personal data, you also agree that we may register other information about you that you have provided to us previously in other contexts. Based on publicly available information, we may also supplement your registered information with industry, additional contact information.

5. How we use the information

The information you provide is used for the following purposes:

  • Establishment of an agreement between us

  • Invoicing for services rendered

  • Customer care and information efforts about our offers

  • Login to the customer's web hosting account to be able to perform agreed tasks

  • Login to the website to be able to perform maintenance or SEO actions

  • To give you a more personal experience and deliver product offers and other content that you may be interested in


We ask for your contact information to:

  • Respond to inquiries and job applications

  • Add yourself to mailing lists for news and other content you have chosen to take part in

  • Send requested material, or otherwise fulfill what we have undertaken in exchange for you submitting your information

  • Establish and maintain a dialogue

  • Send information that may be of interest to you

6. Consent to e-mailing, direct marketing and continued contact

When you agree that we process your personal data in accordance with the purposes stated above, you agree to:

  • We process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy

  • We can send you direct marketing via e-mail about our services

  • We may contact you by e-mail or telephone

  • Subscribe to the type of e-mail you have chosen to accept. You can update your subscription settings and say no to further mailings by following the link you find at the bottom of all our mailings, or by contacting us directly.


7. How long is the data stored?

We only process personal data for such a long time that we can fulfill the purpose for their collection and another 1 (ONE) year, after which we delete the data.

8. Who can take part in the information?

Information provided will be available to a limited number of people within the company.


9. We share certain information in the framework of cooperation with third parties

We do not sell your personal information to third parties. Only in cases where we may need the help of a third party, our sub-consultant to carry out the agreed assignment according to agreement,
we may share information about you in the form of:

  • Business

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • If necessary - login information to web host or website .

10. How do we protect your information?

Your personal information is stored behind secure networks and is available to only a limited number of people within the company who have special rights to these systems. These persons are obliged to keep the information confidential. All sensitive information that you enter is encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer technology). The information is handled within the framework of the Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. All information is covered by confidentiality agreements and our staff has access to only the systems and functions that their duties require.

11. You have the right to know what information we have about you

According to the Data Protection Act, you have the right to receive information about what information we have about you in the form of a register extract. You can also request that we correct incorrect information or delete information about you. You also have the right to withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, we will delete the information we have about you. Deletion of your personal data with us may, however, affect the delivery of information within the framework of a customer relationship, as well as possibly affect ongoing dialogues.

Do you want to withdraw your consent, or request an extract from the register, correction or deletion by written contact via our e-mail address. To view your register extract, you need to send an electronic copy of a signed document with your request.

12. Contact information for Maja´s Projects

Maja´s Projects is responsible for the processing of your personal data. If you have questions about our treatment or wish to get in touch with us to exercise your rights, you will find our contact information below:

Maja´s Projects

Maja Elfström
Lillåvägen 43, 128 45 Bagarmossen

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