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Everything you need to know to get started with Spring Power Walk

Therefore, the power walk is good for your health.

Make sure to boost your immune system, and feel healthy and reenergized.

A healthy entrepreneur equals a healthy business...

There are many reasons to start power walking this spring! We show you how and why.

Power Walking is an effective and gentle way to get started in spring training, to get fit, improve your heart, and your general health, increase your mental well-being and get healthier. It's a great way to get out of the house if you are working from home or have been in isolation for the past months. It's a great positivity boost in the 2022 we live in today.

Power Walking has been shown to lower your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers. In addition, this form of exercise is gentler on the body than jogging.

This is how you get the most out of your healthy Power Walk!

  1. Get the right gear, shoes with good arch support, and a flat sole. You can also have pedestals that provide support and help with arm movements.

  2. Wear functional clothing that is comfortable and adapted to the weather. How you feel and how you feel is the most important thing.

  3. Have your arms bent at about a 90-degree angle. Move your arms up and back smoothly so that the opposite arm and leg move forward simultaneously.

  4. Keep the correct posture with your eyes forward, shoulders back, and head upright. Engage your core muscles by pulling in your stomach.

  5. Be visible and go safe from traffic. It is important that you use reflective tape or clothing in the dark or have a flashlight or headlamp.

  6. You can also mix Power Walk with climbing hills in the forests. Then think about the pace and the terrain as your safety is most important.

  7. Feel the terrain to avoid falling. Keep an eye out to notice uneven terrains such as sidewalks, tree roots, stones, and other obstacles.

  8. Start at the pace that feels comfortable to you and then increase your heart rate. For every Power Walk, you will feel more comfortable.

Health effects of Power Walk

1. Healthier brain and better memory

Fast walking means that new brain cells are formed and that the brain's various centers become better at communicating with each other. You get better memory, increase creativity even in the long run. Studies show that creativity increases by 60% if you go compared to sitting still.

2. The heart becomes stronger and healthier

You stimulate the circulatory system and muscles so that both blood pressure and cholesterol levels decrease. The heart thus becomes stronger, and healthier and can keep a variety of dreaded cardiovascular diseases afloat.

3. Improves your mental health

Quick walks have powerful effects on your mental function. Rapid walking improves anxiety, depression, and self-esteem as important endorphins are released into the bloodstream. The chemistry of the brain changes which helps you to feel the joy of life again. Daylight and fresh air have also been shown to raise the mood. Those who walk several times a week simply get happier.

4. Strengthens the skeleton

The body is stimulated so that the skeleton becomes even stronger. Walking four hours a week reduces the risk of hip fracture by 41 percent among women in perimenopause. Walking in hilly terrain and downhill is most effective.

5. Joints become smoother

An hour a day of moderate-intensity exercise, such as walking, prevents the disability of people who have symptoms of joint problems in the lower extremities. Walking is also more gentle on the body than running since you are spared from much of the strain that all the bumps expose your body during the lap. Your feet never weave across the ground when you walk as if walking and thus do not land as hard on the ground as when walking.

6. Decrease in weight and more stable blood sugar.

You can lose weight by walking. The belly fat decreases instead of the carbohydrate deposits thanks to the low tempo. The body also burns more fat than when running. The hunger does not get as triggered. The blood sugar becomes more stable and the risk of suffering from severe falls.

7. Reduced national cancer risk

According to the National Cancer Institute, participating in regular, moderate to intense physical exercise as walking reduces the risk of multiple cancers..


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