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Welcome to a brand new beautiful day! Today is here for you...

  • Take a deep breath.....and release the air with a loud sigh. Do it again.

  • Let go of yesterday. Shake it off, and some more, and some more.

  • Stretch your body, breath it out.

Today is here. Today is here for you to start something new. For you as a gift coming with joy, exciting surprises, opportunities, moments to learn from, moments of stillness, and full speed energy to learn from.

Listen to your body, your emotions. To the subtle messages that often come as whispers, like a gentle wind in the summer. Your intuition, your body, and your soul are talking to you. They are your friends to guide you on your discoveries here on earth. You are one. You are one with the Universe...

I would like to share with you some of my thoughts, discoveries, and lessons I have learned...

I learned to be grateful for the little things and the big ones. You can change yourself and the world around you by appreciating, being thankful, and seeing how much you can actually be thankful for instead of focusing on the less beneficial things for you.

It's good to forgive because it will heal you...How?

By reading the book " The Magic " by Rhonda Byrne, which is a 28-day course I could finally

see what people mean by saying that it's good to forgive because it will heal you. Forgiving is quite often one of the hardest things to do, especially if wounds of the past are still affecting the present. I came to embrace the saying step by step and it did not happen over the night. The final key ingredient was to learn how to be grateful.

I learned that the key to forgiveness is by being thankful for every situation presented and that has happened in the past, by seeing that every situation has components to be grateful for. I learned to forgive because I see now how every situation has helped me to grow.

Another key is to accept that I can not control all of the circumstances around me and other people, and how they act, react and handle their feelings. We all have moments of regression into playing our roles of children or parents. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Some people more then others. Everyone on this earth is in a process of learning,

By learning how to be thankful I opened up to the possibilities in my life, to change my life in a way that benefits me and many people close to me. By reading and following the 28 day course presented in the book also you will find out and feel that it's strange that you did not see how crucial being thankful is. You will discover that seeing the good, and being thankful for something in every situation in your life is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

By reading a chapter every day and doing short exercises I created a great implement for my mourning routine. The basic is to keep a journal in which you write down every morning 10 things that you are grateful for and why. Embrace and feel an appreciation for what I just wrote down for a while saying "thank you, thank you, thank you...."

Below, you can see some examples. Being me I normally elaborate things but you can make yours shorter and simpler. For instance;

  • I'm grateful for waking up with the sun shining bright because the sun makes me happy, feels welcoming to the new day, and awakens the joy within me, gives me the energy to create new experiences during the day.

  • I'm grateful for the wonderful time I had with my friend Jennifer yesterday because when I'm with her I feel like she understands me, understands who I am, treats me with kindness, opens up her heart to me, enjoys our conversations, our brainstorming, feels like she is also grateful for the many good benefits from our relationship.

  • I'm grateful for that my teenage daughter is in a good mood today, for our morning together, the good conversations, and her willingness to listen and reflect in our conversations. It gives me hope and is a sign of that our relationship will grow stronger, that we can learn from each other and grow.

  • I'm grateful for having come a long way in learning about my feelings and how they are my guide to changing things in my life, making progress, and working on removing hidden blocks, and traumas created in the past. Thanks to them I am learning to interpret them and to find out what they are trying to tell me so that I can use, and learn the necessary tools to make changes.

Every morning I read a chapter. New exercises and guides, inspiration with practica examples to change are being presented as days go on. The great thing is that it's very easily implemented, and life-changing. That is another sign of that things in life can flow. That the natural state of being is calmness, happiness, and joy. Often as you already know it's crucial to invest lots of time and energy into our life projects. Projects that require a lot of determination, motivation, and hours of work. I'm learning and being reminded of it again as time goes by that I don't have to struggle as hard as I used to, that there are efficient ways that can help me to accomplish what I want in a shorter time, enjoying it and having even better outcomes than before.

Some days its harder to find the ten things that I'm grateful for. I quite often tended to wake up in the morning with uncensored negative thoughts of worries, and concerns. Especially after a night of nightmares and my mind still being in the process of vividly processing things that need to be taken care of that often appear creativelly in dreams. The past few years have been an awakening process for me, me working intensively on healing myself, and making changes that will free possibilities in my present and future, freeing traumas, and hidden beliefs, and learning about my emotions and how they can be my friend, setting boundaries, etc.

What I learned in the past months is that things in life projects for my clients, and contacts with friends and acquaintances can have different characteristics. Although they are in our various spectrums of life and vary a lot they still have the common basics- "YOU".


The state of mind that you are in determines how your life is and will be. Your thoughts, yout vibration, the state of your body, how well you nourish your mind, body, and spirit, what you do, and how you do it are forming your reality. What you think, how you react to things in life, and what you choose to focus on will either create beneficial situations for you or the ones that you would rather forget about. You are the center of everything that happens in your life. You are the center of activities at work, your family life, connections with other people, your company, and the projects that you and your team create. With the right tools, you can create the life you want to live, no matter what happens around you.

If you look at what you can be thankful for in every situation in your life and what happened in that situation for you to learn from, you can gradually make changes. You may be even amazed at how fast things can change for the better, things that you could only have dreamt of happening....

There are many great ways of creating your beautiful life. I decided to share this post and the previous posts with you because it's a great joy for me to share with you what has helped me, the things that I have discovered through my studies, but mostly by practice, by being my own test project, from helping people that iw coached in the past. Also by learning from others who have also decided to connect with like-minded people whose greatest wish is to live their lives to the fullest. Many of which you allready may know. I could mention so many people whom I know personally that I am grateful for, who has been an inspiration and are part of my journey. Today I will mention one because it's thanks to the coach Alex Quin that I joined the 28-day event of reading " The Magic". She also presented herself in my life at a crucial life-changing moment as a reminder that Magic can happen, that the Law Of Attraction and various laws of the universe have been there for me, and that by making vital changes my life can be greater. I have been reminded of how connected to the universe I can be again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alex Quin.

Check out Alex's FB group, listen to some inspirational videos, and join the next quest. I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised...

Thank you for reading my inspirational post!! I hope that you enjoyed reading this and that you feel that you read this at the right moment in your life as a reminder of that so many great things in your life are possible...Welcome back for more..

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I wish you a wonderful day!


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