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We continue with various projects for ElfströmskaPsykoterapin.

From the beginning, we have created a visual identity online (websites, FB company group, etc.).

Now we are in the process of marketing digitally and in print. We have created all graphic material in symbiosis with the company's visual identity, so-called branding; i.a. business cards, several flyers intended for different purposes, FB posts and posters. Thus, everyone can recognize the company from all materials. You might come across one of the posters on a pedestrian street in Stockholm, in an ad in your local newspaper or be captivated by an FB ad.

The two websites we have created reflect the company's focus and attract interested parties in the specific areas: General psychotherapy or more centered grief processing.

We have now also started a more intensive SEO optimization. It does not matter how well designed and informative a website is, if it is not thoroughly SEO optimized. Then your customers can find you online, the search engines place the website on a higher ranking and make you stand out among the competitors.

You are very welcome to visit the website and contact ElfströmskaPsykoterapin if necessary:

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