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For your health, well-being and your own development. Sound therapy has long been known to counteract internal tensions, stress and increase motivation, vitality, provides energy.

Let yourself be swept away in the world of the corridors! Let the tensions go and welcome the new.

In a colorful way, Soundyogatherapy and Silwia Pozlotka show their world of joy, inspiration, relaxation, reflection, healing. It is a world full of healing sounds from gongs and other therapeutic instruments.

The website has been around for a few years and has now been refreshed. It has a new logo, improved design, a new underside where you can be inspired by the world of gongs and sound therapy.

A web page is like your hair. Through it, you show who you and your company are and go for. Just as you cut and care for your hair, it is important that the website is maintained continuously. It is important to make sure to update the information to the customers, refine the technical pieces and, among other things, to update SEO so that the customers find you

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