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A comprehensive package that contains a lot! Here you get space to show in detail what your company stands for (in two languages, eg Swedish and English). Help is included; professional photos from photo archives, video backgrounds, photo galleries integrated with Instagram, your movies and other premium extensions. We help you with your company's visual branding which includes deeper text review. It includes a Logo that we create for your company as well as more advanced SEO, Google Maps etc.


Website PRO

SKU: 04
  • This includes:

    • Up to 16 pcs. pages / subpages / paragraph
    • Tailored advanced stylish design
    • Lots of your own photos.
    • Professional images from image archives (6 pcs, easier retouching and optimization of the images for your website and for Google).
    • Email address, domain and web hosting for 1 year. (can be ordered for more)
    • Slideshow or photo gallery linked to your Instagram.
    • SEO advanced.
    • Text branding- More advanced review of your text, proposed changes (two languages).
    • Text and chapter suggestions.
    • Website in two languages if desired.
    • Simplified text translations (English, Polish)
    • We enter your text, pictures etc.
    • Advanced add-ons - Social apps
    • Chat function
    • Computer and mobile-adapted website.
    • Logo
    • Blog
    • 1 hour training in blog management
    • Google Maps
    • Sandard Contact Form
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