Create your own future! Its the right time for something new!

It’s been said that difficult challenges are often the best catalysts for innovation and creativity. This year has forced us to rethink the way we connect as individuals, communities, organizations and even nations. It has forced us to lean back, breathe in and out and to rethink. This time has also given us great opportunities to act and to create our future the way we desire it to be. It has forced many to take on new strategies either business or private related which have resulted in further changes in the way we operate in our daily lives.

Many companies have realized to importance of connecting with its customers online. They make sure to either upgrade their websites or to choose a fresher new look with a new website/ web shop and logo. They have also realised the importance of social media now creating Facebook, Instagram etc. business accounts attracting more than ever customers to their businesses.

An increasing number of businesses have started their operations from outside of the offices, creating a worldwide network of homebased one person offices. Over the internet, Zoom meetings, e-mailing, social media engagements etc. have token a new uplifting presence making international connections and teamwork at a distance very efficient and smooth. Other companies which are some of my clients, have found many challanges and seek the help of experts during this period of transition. Many IT companies, the new power elites have already since long ago had this vision of the free minded, high achieving intellect human who creates at its best when the right working conditions are granted. They have been flourishing and even more now, finding the new circumstances less challenging then other types of companies.

It is now a few years since I have discovered the freedom and possibilities of having my own business working from home, a nearby coffee shop or any of the offices free for me to use. This has blurred the division between my work time and my free time. At the same time, my work is my passion and my hobby. I love to help other companies to be seen, to make the switch to operating more online, creating a professional online presence for them, creating a new image, new websites, logos etc. Many of my clients focus on what they enjoy and are good at, leaving the technology to me. The same way I have decided to leave my accounting to an accountant. This way I can efficiently focus on what I am best at - helping companies to grow

Previous norms of business conduct are being challenged, especially the place-based business idea and the 8-17 workday. Many have found a freedom never seen before and are keen on keeping it. A growing number of companies have therefore decided to make working from home a permanent part of business conduct. Other