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Engage in a Tailored 1-Hour Consultation

Embark on Excellence: Customized consultation for long term partners.

  • 1 timma
  • 199 euro
  • Online, telephone, Face Time, Messanger

Beskrivning av tjänsten

Immerse in a tailored 1-hour consultation crafted exclusively for esteemed, long-term partners of Maja's Projects. Within this personalized session, our attention will be firmly on your company's specific interests. Our array of services includes personalized project planning, website development, dynamic brainstorming, technical assistance for existing websites, valuable feedback, and specialized coaching, spanning EFT, mental coaching, and focused business guidance and more. This session also serves as a resource during ongoing projects, offering extra meeting time beyond the scope of your existing package deal. To ensure optimal preparation, sharing vital information is key. Feel free to send it in advance to or include it in your session request. Join us in discovering how our expertise can seamlessly guide your project's journey to unparalleled success – from its inception to full realization. We respect that plans can shift. If needed, rescheduling is possible up to 48 hours before the session. However, please understand that cancellations are not accommodated. Your dedication to this session lays the groundwork for your project's utmost achievement.


Lillåvägen 43, Bagarmossen, Sverige

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